Class Schedule

Daily Schedule

Arrival and Tabletop Activities 8:30-8:45

Morning Meeting 8:45-9:15 – We say our morning prayers, including the children’s intentions. We also do fingerplays, math/language activity, and music/movement. We read a story and/or discuss the topic we are currently working on. Any projects are also introduced and modeled if necessary.

Exploration 9:15-10:00-Children have the opportunity to explore the different centers around the classroom. Activities are changed often in order to go along with the current topic of study and/or season. Students are also able to participate in daily academic and artistic projects that are frequently teacher facilitated-these include science experiments and journal entries.

Clean up/Bathroom Break 10:00-10:10

Snack 10:10-10:30- Students take turns providing a daily snack.

Outside Time 10:30-11:00-We go outside to the playground every day, weather permitting (above 20 and not raining).

Dance and Dismissal 11:00-11:15-We end our morning with a dance or creative movement. Then the morning students are dismissed to their parents.

Lunch 11:30-12:15-Students provide their own daily lunches-refrigerator and microwave are available. This year, the preschoolers will also be able to participate in Seton’s hot lunch program. All preschoolers will eat in the classroom with their teacher.

Clean up/Bathroom/Rest Time 12:15-1:00-Students rest on their own yoga mats with the lights off and quiet music playing.

Literacy Activities/Daily Specials (see separate specials schedule) 1:00-2:00

Clean up 2:00-2:10 Students clean up the room and pack up their items to go home or move on to Wrap Around.

Dismissal 2:10-2:15-School day students get picked up and the wrap around students transition over to the aftercare room.